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Rick Writes is an independent production that chronicles my thoughts as a husband, father, writer, and amateur athlete.  Feel free to contact me - send me an email at russotti.rick@gmail.com.

My name is Rick Russotti and I'm the person behind the words and in many of the pictures on these pages. Thank you for visiting!

I’ve never been enthusiastic about writing, not even a little. The thought of career as a professional writer or even making a few dollars as a blogger, never crossed my mind. In fact, I'm cer

I'm a husband and father of five, a registered nurse who is also pursuing a part-time freelance writing career. In 2009 I retired from the fire department after nearly three decades of service. I hold Associates Degrees in Fire Protection Technology, Nursing, and a certificate in Disaster and Emergency Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.

My areas of expertise are healthcare, hospital preparedness, chem/bio terrorism, anatomy, physiology, and group motivation and leadership. 

In 20013 I took on the life changing challenge of training for multi-sport events and have learned a lot in the process. I continue to share my love of adventure and challenge by coaching high school track & field and cross country. I'm blogging Living Running Writing to share what I've learned and experienced with anyone interested. 

My hope is that you'll find some interest of common ground in these blog posts. Please follow me on Twitter @rickrussotti. You may also visit Mitigation Journal for preparedness information.

When not at home in Greece, NY, I enjoy spending time in the Adirondack Mountains with my wife and five children.


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