Writing and running have this in common, and I'm not doing them

Running and writing have a few things in common

You have to do it to be it. It's really that simple. If you do it, you are one.

To be a writer, all you have to do (and this goes for bloggers, too) is write. It doesn't matter (unless you're trying to make a living with your writing) if you're a good writer or a not-so-good writer. Writing does matter. That is, you actually write.

The same theory applies to running.

To be a runner, all you have to do (and this goes for any exercise, too) is run. It doesn't matter (unless you're trying to make a living with your running) if you're a fast runner or a not-so-fast runner. Running does matter. That is, you actually have to run.

And that's where I've gone astray.

I've stopped doing both.

Regret is a powerful thing that you can't see sneaking up. Only when regret passes you do you take notice. All of a sudden you're not only behind but losing ground fast.

That's your wake-up call. That's your moment of clarity, you might say.

And that is exactly where I am now.

There is no one reason for me to stop running and stop writing. In fact, the stage has been set for more opportunity than ever to do both. Seldom have the resources in the form of time and access been more favorable for both.

I just didn't do it...in the most anti-Nike style.

Nearly ten months have passed without any serious training. Today I sit pecking away on the keys for the first time in that same period.

What do I have to show for it? Easy, short answer: worse then nothing. Fron the writing angle, I have nothing...not that anyone reads this blog...but no entry at all. Not even a journal entry. I've found writing as a creative outlet and recently dreamed of making a few bucks with it. Not working on the "craft" as real writers call it, has cost me a little bit of self-inflicted frustration. But in reality, not writing hasn't had any negatives.

And as for running, a different outcome. A lack of training that was, oddly, caused by over-training, has provided me with a few extra pound and a lot less aerobic capacity.

Thats what can be seen on the surface. It's what you can't see that poses the most impinging threat.

Enough of all that. This is a blog of gains, progression, attitude. It's time to get back on track.

Everyone has a period in life when you've needed to get back to it (whatever your it is). Now is my time. And as I'm finding, getting back in shape is proving harder than starting a fitness program in the first place. After several years of focusing on my fitness through planning and reviewing statistics, setting goals and meeting challenges, Im feeling bogged down by these things. The details and data that once drove my athletic program now keep the wheels spinning in a state of cyclical planning.  The same can be said for writing...or in my case, blogging.

Getting mired in the details of platform and techno-necessities breeds procrastination. They keep words from appearing on the page. They sap the creativity needed to follow the open-ended prompt, to embark on the next character arc.

Ive come to realize that running and writing do have much to talk about. Minimal equipment needed, they both require  regular practice (and you can practice if you let yourself). You need a plan, but not too much of a plan. You can go run and write long or short and take different routes.

There is no ending here. Just a beginning do-over.