Rio 2016 and Olympic Memories

Notes on early memories of the Olympics

The Olympic Games in Rio 2016 bring out a lot of memories (as do all the Olympic games). My attachment to the Olympics goes back at least four decades. Perhaps like you, the images of athletes in various sports drew me to the Olympics in the first place. Unlike other sports, the Olympics has a little something of everything. The all-around competition on the World Stage is bigger than the Super Bowl or World Series as far as I'm concerned.

Those athletic images are blazed into memory and are pushed to the fore every time the Olympic Anthem is played.

That Olympic Anthem still strikes a cord with me and stirs emotion with the same vigor as Gonna Fly Now and the Star Spangled Banner.

Watching the opening ceremony is still cause for celebration - I love seeing the athletes march in to the Olympic venue, the uniforms, the flags of all nations proudly displayed.

And waiting to see the major attraction of the opening ceremony - the lighting of the Olympic Caldron. The torch having been carried in by a relay team, some past athlete ascends the stairs and ignites the flame as most memorably done by Muhammad Ali in Atlanta 1996).

It is the notion that spirit and competition is alive...that I am alive...we are alive...and able to do things...capable of doing things...regardless of our current state.

Looking back to the days of three-network television, I remember Wild World of Sports. In the days of get-up-turn-the-dial T.V. Wide World of Sports had it all; running, jumping, cycling, racing,  boxing, mountains, skiing, swimming, and more. It was one stop shopping without changing the channel. Wide World of Sports introduced me to the Olympics (and mountain climbing) and Lake Placid.

Indeed, spanning the globe to bring you a constant variety of sports.

The voice of Jim MMcKay saying "the human drama of athletic competition" and the iconic phrase "...the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat..."

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