Suddenly November

Can it be true? Time moves faster as you get older.

November is here and I've just come to realize how long its been since I'd done any writing. So much water has gone under the bridge in these last few months and gone by so fast. With respect to whatever sundial or abacus is measuring the pace, 2015 is nearing a close and there remains a few topics of unfinished business to address on Living Running Writing.

Lets back up to September and the Rochester Half Marathon. The Rochester Half was to be my forth and final installment of the Four Seasons Challenge - running four half marathons in the year. The Rochester Half turned out to be the icing on the cake of achievement. It wasn't my fastest run but it was by far the most fun. The company and the course were simply the best.
Before the Roc Half 

 A random guitar player strumming and belting out tunes as we approached the Turning Point boardwalk. 

At the end of the race a woman walks up to me and asked my name. She looked at me and says "you don't remember me, do you?" A bit stunned, I have to say "no" and she goes on to tell me that I delivered one of her children 19 years ago...almost to the day.