LRW April 25, 2015


Its been a few days since I've been able to sit and write anything meaningful. There are a few things coming together now, new beginnings and goals to be reached and just a bit of breathing room. Its "go-time" for pen and paper, key board and screen.

Rochester Regional Health running shirt
Orientation at the new job (new RN job, that is) is now over and I'll serve my first shift in a new emergency department on Monday. I'm excited...and cautiously optimistic. While I've been out of the emergency-mode for a while it was interesting to see how fast the recall came back when we were discussing critical thinking, patient assessment and pharmacology. The sound of neurons snapping open was deafening! Feeling ready. Feeling confident.

Its an interesting time. Each step is a new page and where that step leads is a bit unclear. One thing is certain, by this time tomorrow I'll be better than I am today.


Thus endith Training Cycle Two.

Thats it. The cycle started on January 11 - the day after the Winter Warrior Half Marathon, my first event of 13.1 miles, will come to an end tomorrow when I celebrate the ability to run and finish the Flower City Half Marathon.

Bib and official shirt Flower City Half 2015
Cycle two has been nothing like cycle one (Oct 14-Jan 15). Cycle 2 actually felt and acted like number two - if you get my meaning. The Rochester weather took a tailspin toward the end of January and didn't recover until recently. Sure, there were a few "nice days" here and there to get out and get the training done, but not many. February was particularly brutal with only six-hours spent above freezing...yes, six hours. Wind chill frequently well below zero and permafrost earth made running outside (even slowly) hazardous. Along came March with its snow piles obscuring vision making foot travel even more dangerous. More time could have been spent in the gym, I suppose. The air inside the gym where I train was thick and confining. Almost as difficult to breath in as the attitude.

All of that is behind  me. The weather has begun to cooperate and I got in 26 solid miles last week! Everything feels good; the pace, the heart and the mind. This week has been the tapper in final preparation for the Flower City Half. Practice race pace, relax, swim, and get in that final fine-tuned run.


As I noted above, I'm ever so slowly opening up time to write. The fiction works are still on the front-burner when time allows. 


LRW 4/10/15


New job. New outlook. Two new jobs, actually. 
I recently made the tough decision to leave the hospital I've been working at for nearly four-years. The decision to leave was so difficult because I'd grown very close to my coworkers. The clientele was difficult, challenging at times, but almost always difficult to work with and it was the other staff members that made good work happen. Without the camaraderie and perpetual "back watching' we did for each other that job would have been impossible to manage. 

I'll be taking on a new position in the emergency department of a hospital two miles from my home. My commute will be cut substantially as will the cost in fuel and parking (parking at the new job is free!). Working in an emergency department is what I've always thought I'd do and going after that opportunity now feels comfortable on many levels. My roots are in emergency services and I've worked with many of the staff members at this hospital in my prior career. The transition should be smooth, albeit with a sharp learning (relearning) curve. 

I mentioned two new jobs; the new nursing job and...a coaching position with a rapidly growing running/fitness store; Fleet Feet Sports. Fleet Feet offers a wide variety of instructional programs and running camps throughout the year. I've been selected to coach the Speed Camp! Just getting an interview for Speed Camp was exciting for me. Getting the job simply makes my heart sing. Coaching is something I've come to enjoy over the last several years. I've always enjoyed teaching and public speaking and found that many (if not all) the principles of leadership and instruction translate well into coaching. I'll continue to coach my junior high and high school teams while looking forward to making the switch to coaching adults. 


A very windy run today. The good news is the temperatures have finally moderated into the mid-50's and I feel like I'm running well. The not-so-good news is we're in the middle of a wind storm with gusts of 40-50 mph.


I've put my writing projects on hold for a few weeks while I transition into this new job. I'm still making notes and doing scene work, character development, but holding off the actual writing of both the fiction and non-fiction works in progress. We'll be blogging and journaling throughout it all and I may post a few scene previews from the fiction work here. 

LRW: 3/13/15


The weather is starting to turn Spring-like; the sky has brightened over the past few days, and of course, daylight lingers just a little longer each afternoon. The seasonal tug-o-war now begins as our days herald a new season while our nights cling to the bleak cold we've become accustomed to.

The reminders of winter are all around us in the form of slush and snow. The building-size piles of snow occupying parking lots are beginning to recede exposing twisted shopping carts and debris picked up by plows.

The Erie Canal remains thinly frozen over. The trails alongside are still covered with considerable crunch, stale snow.
Erie Canal, looking West from Long Pond Road, Greece, NY

Another nice day to run!