Training Video Blog August 17, 2015

Got a hot run done today with 88 degrees, a dew point 67 and humidity at 55%, todays run reminded me of conditions during the Shoreline Half...and that race kicked my butt and injured my leg. 
No whining, its the first running injury in two years. I'll consider myself lucky. 

Anyway, today was indeed a hot run. A mid-day run. A run I needed to get in, needed to do. Have you ever had those? Just a workout you had to do. 

Common sense told me it was too hot and I should've run earlier. Running later is out because of a 3-11pm shift. So rather than nap before work, I ran. I felt better. Accomplished. 

Accomplished not because a had a good run in the heat, but because I broke inertia at rest. Thats the real accomplishment for you and me. Getting out the door. Getting it done. 

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