No Pain, Time to Gain

Today's the first day I woke up without pain in my leg since the Shoreline half marathon. That was three weeks ago for those of you don't have a calendar app on your iPhone.

More importantly that's three weeks of training that has suffered...and there's only nine weeks in this training cycle.

Because of a misstep at mile eight of the Shoreline I've had to contend with nightly leg cramps and spasms that have prevented a good night sleep and made walking for the first hour or so of each day intensely difficult. 

How has an injury changed your training program?

I've backed off running. I've taken it easy. I've been worried.

Having logged only 10-15 miles each week (and done so slowly) I've been preparing myself for the eventuality of not making my time goal in the next and final half marathon of 2015 and the Four Seasons Challenge.

As I mentioned, today was a lot better. After three weeks (and a conversation with Dr. Ted) I finally feel like I can start putting some miles on and picking up speed. 

How have you fixed your injury?

There's no quick fix here. No secrets to fast recovery. I just focused on a few simple things:
I backed off the miles and the pace. This was the hardest thing to do but giving myself permission to be injured and the needed time to heal was vital. 

I kept calories and hydration up.  A period of injury is no time to cut calories. The body needs good nutrition to repair. 

I increased sleep time as much as possible. Sleeping was difficult due to interruptions caused by pain. Adding in extra sleep time as often as possible made a difference. 

Foam rolling helped. Self care is always vital and periods of injury are no exception. 

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