Just one of those days

One of those days. 

How many times have you and me said that with more than a little disgust? 
Sunset over Rochester on a humid night
Today I had one of those days...but it in this case it was a lot different. 
Work as really been knocking the life out of me lately. I'm just coming off a long stretch of shifts in a row and have been looking forward to a well-deserved two days off. Today is day one of those days

I made it home and into bed well after 1 am this morning and was up with the sun at 6. The return of that pesky leg cramping, muscle pain issue kept me tossing and turning for most of those precious few sleeping hours so you can imagine how surprising it was to be able to get up on time. But I was determined to start my those days as planned!

As soon as a break in the morning aches and pains gave me permission I was out of bed and onto my plan. Today is a full day and it went like this - 

6am. Coffee in a quiet kitchen. Holding a hazelnut scented cup of steamy goodness makes any day start well. Garbage and recyclables down to the curb. Get the kids up. Get myself ready for practice. 

8am. Our first cross country practice of the season is today! I love coaching. It gives me one of the greatest joys of life. I am energized. 

11am. A meeting (interview, actually) that turned into great conversation and went exceptionally well. Sorry, no further details at this time. 

12:30pm. Volleyball practice. No, I don't coach this but I do have two girls playing on this team. What a gift it was to be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your daughters display their God given athletic talents. Simply one of those proud dad moments. 

5:45pm. Speed Camp Time! Coaching adult speed workouts with our local Fleet Feet store has become one of the highlights of my week. I look forward to the sweat, the heat, and the challenge. The participants are fantastic people and the atmosphere is so invigorating. I come home from coaching (both high school and adults) refreshed and positive. Coaching gives me a totally different view on life. 

7:45. Around the table with my wife and kids. Yea, we eat together most nights of the week. We talk. We listen. We are a family. Our family meal time is a perfect wrap up to this one of those days. 

8:50pm. Writing. I haven't talked or written much about my writing projects lately and most likely haven't worked on those projects as much as I should be, either. But this is one of those days and I'm making the time to take it to the keyboard...even if just for a little while tonight. 

You see, I've had one of those days and just had to tell someone about it. I hope to have another tomorrow. 

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