Training Video Blog 3/3/15

Today is my first run outside in nearly a month. The Coldest February in Rochester history has dented this training cycle. This second training cycle started after the Winter Warrior 1/2 Marathon and is planned to take me to the Rochester Regional Health duathlon and 1/2 marathon. Despite getting pushed inside and sentenced to the treadmill by the weather, I'm still planning to do the 5K/10mi/5K duathlon on Saturday (4/25) and the 1/2 marathon the next day.

Todays 5.3 miles was done in the Canal Park (Greece, NY). Its about the only place one can safely run in our area. The roads aren't in good shape; they're icy everywhere, making it difficult to get any stride or speed done. The good news is that I did get out and the storm didn't start to move in until I was just about done.

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