Pains in the leg & a return to medication LRW3/10/15


My favorite blood pressure makes a rerun to the morning routine today. After a short three weeks away from an ACE inhibitor my blood pressure has steadily climbed above acceptable levels. One reading was even as high as 150/90.

To be fair, most of this trial time without medication was spent sedentary- the month of February was a bust for training plan and diet.  So it's back on an ACE inhibitor for me...albeit a lower dose...and another monitoring period begins. 


The good news is the weather is fully cooperating today. 43 degrees, no wind. I'm running slow due to a lot of left hamstring and calf pain today- about a minute per mile slow. My shoes are in need of replacement and that could be part of the problem. We're 5 1/2 weeks out from the RRH 1/2 marathon.


I didn't write today but wish I had. Deadlines are there, they didn't come with motivation. Tomorrow is another day!

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