Right Now. LRW March 6, 2015


The temperature climbed up near freezing today making it a nice day to get out and run!

"Don't want to wait till tomorrow
Why put if off another day?
One more walk through problems, 
Built up, and stand in our way...
One step ahead, one step behind me
Now you gotta run to get even
Make future plan, don't dream about yesterday,
C'mon turn, turn this thing around..." Van Halen 
Those lines from Van Halen's Right Now sums up my training plan at this point. After loosing so much time to the brutal February and banishment to the treadmill it's time to get back into gear.

And here we are, on the verge of another Daylight Savings Time shift. I hate time shifts. Twice a year we go through the motions of changing our clocks, artificially adjusting time back or forward, to satisfy who knows what purpose. These time changes seem to have an ill effect on me. Each time shift causes me to be groggy, sleepy, and otherwise unmotivated for days afterward. I've logged in my journal from years past how my colds and other illnesses seem to come on around the same time we change the clocks, too.

There is another problem, too. How many of you struggle to change the clocks in your car or the time on your watch? Every years its the same thing; change the time in the car on the way to work than fiddle with my watch most of the day.

I'm feeling just fine on the eve of the 2015 shift to of now. I've gone out for a nice run and have a quiet evening planned at home with an early bedtime scheduled.

I still wonder of changing the clocks ahead or back serves any purpose other than to remind us to change the batteries in our smoke alarms.


My training today was a nice 4.3 mile run along West Ridge Road; a very familiar route. The weather is starting to cooperate...thats the good news. Warmer temperatures are melting the huge snow piles that block the view of traffic but are leaving crusty, crunchy, slushy ice behind. Visibility has improved while footing remains a bit tricky in spots.

The turn around point on my loop is the Bridge over the Ridge, an elevated walkway over one of the busiest sections of roadway in Western New York: Route 390 and West Ridge. Today was the first time on the bridge this year and it remains covered with about six-inches of snow.


My writing projects are continuing as planned, as well. The two non-fiction projects are on target, with the first scheduled to go out as an eBook around March 20. I've been lucky enough to land a speaking gig to go along with each work of non-fiction, too! Paid promotional time is aways a good thing.

The fiction plots (I have two of them as well) are still sitting in draft mode. I'll occasionally add something, do some character development or world building in note form and set them aside. The plot lines are fairly solid.

Lastly, I've got a few sports-related articles I'm working on. I'm at the point to either drop a few pitches in the email or decide to post them here.

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