TVB 2/3/15 Eight Miles after Seven Days

Eight Miles after Seven Days

Thats right - seven days off from training. This is one of the longest breaks since starting serious training 18 months ago. The weather has been a factor in training this week. The dark, icy, snowy, windy days with temps below zero have kept me from doing much outside work.

Our youngest has been sick with a cold (flu?) and I find it difficult to get out the door during such times. Like any parent of a sick child, you find that your priorities get shuffled just a little. Thankfully, she's feeling much better.

Todays run took place at Canal Ponds Park. The roads get plowed fairly well here and there is very little traffic. The snow covered woods and ponds provided just the right amount of relaxing eye candy. The only sounds to be heard was the crunching snow in rhythm with my breathing and stride.

My spit would crackle and freeze at it hit the ground, reminding me of how cold it actually is.

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