Derailed. Out of  balance. Off course. Distracted.

That's where I am now. I don't like it.

The weather, work, kids, illness, and kids with illness are the laundry list of issues that conspire to shred my training cycle.

The weather has just been too cold. To the point of being unsafe and so cold that my shoes have lost all flexibility. Its like I'm running on flat, hard pieces of plastic; slipping all over the place. The usual difficulties of winter running are compounded by the extreme conditions here over the last two weeks. I haven't been able to get outside for six days. Today is no different. 14 18 inches of snow fell last night. Wind chills are -10 now. I'm not sure I could make it to the gym for a bike trainer or swim workout now.


If its not the weather, its work. Work has been difficult. The last few shifts complicated with patient behaviors, early starts and late finishes.

My youngest is fighting a cold (flu?), too. Nothing distracts me more and re-sets my priorities than having one of my kids sick.

On the brighter side...I've been training for 18 months now. This is only the fourth or fifth time I've had to take a (unscheduled) break. I'm thankful for that and the fact that I remain healthy and injury free.

What do you do when life situations bowl over your training plans?

I'll regroup today. Reschedule a few things. Do some core work at home.

I'll lace-up and head out tomorrow.

What will you do?

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