Training Video Blog 1/6/15

This is day two of taper week (week 14 of this training cycle) in preparation for my first half marathon. Taper week is made up of shorter milage and additional cross training. Todays workout was supposed to be a "swim & spin" day. Although I got the 2x800m swim done in good time, I just wasn't feeling too good this afternoon, and skipped the spin.

I've been feeling worn out the last few days and had been concerned about getting sick. And getting sick now would be disastrous! The weather has something to do with how I'm feeling...maybe. I hate to blame nature for how I'm feeling, but it's been cold and windy. Temperatures in the low twenties to high teens, wind chills in the -1 to -3 degree range.

The Winter Warrior is scheduled for 4pm on January 10, 2015 and will be run on the campus of Monroe Community College. The course is exposed on all parts - weather will be a factor. Given the start time, I expect less then an hour of daylight. It could be a dark and very cold run.

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