Training Video Blog 1/5/15

Welcome to week 14, the final week, of this training cycle. Today is the first taper workout in preparation for the Winter Warrior half marathon on January 10. The training plan this week calls for reduced running miles with consistent speed and intensity. Cross training in the form of swimming and biking (stationary, indoor) will be an important part of the taper.

Todays run was a 5K on a well known route - its one of my base training routes that I default to for race prep and tempo work. The weather hasn't been cooperating though. Temperatures have been in the upper teens and lower twenties with wind chills around -1 to -2 degrees. Other people outside (those at bus stops and sitting at traffic lights in their cars) are giving me odd guy rolled down his window and scolded me saying "you're setting a bad example running now," "you're gonna get hurt."

The fact is that the Winter Warrior is just a few days away and the weather is not forecast to change much between now and then. The race starts at 4pm with sundown (if we see the sun at all) at 4:55. Most of my race will be run in the dark along with the cold. I'm simply practicing for race conditions.

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