Training Video Blog 1/25/15

Fun on a cold run today.

I just didn't feel like getting out today. There are several writing deadlines looming in the not too distant future and we're still in the grip of a cold snap here in Rochester, NY.

In short, I have a few good excuses not to run today or not to train at all. But worse than getting (further) behind on my deadlines or dealing with the cold would be to cave in and not train...still, the thought of doing a gym workout sapped my energy even more.

What do you do to get yourself out the door  when motivation is low?

I just dug down deep today. It was all mental. Knowing that I caved in to body aches and fatigue yesterday made getting out today paramount. I not only knew that, I was mindful of it. My current state of mindfulness and how well my body is responding to all this training was the spark that ignited a fantastic run.

Today was fantastic, not for the time and certainly not for climate, but for the experience. I took a different route. I worked my paces. I practiced my form.

The plan called for 4 miles. At the end of mile 5 I was still feeling great...kept going. Same thing after mile 6. I finally called it at 7 miles. This was one of those runs that could have gone on and on...may have done a 13.1 had it not been 3 degrees outside.  @rickrussotti 

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