First Half Marathon - The Day Before

Here we are! The day before my first half marathon, the WInter Warrior. My writing promt for today asks simply "how are you feeling?" 

I'm feeling good, real good.
I can honestly say that this 14 week training cycle has been productive. I've made the most (and gotten the most) out of every training session. Although I've missed a session here or there becasue of a schedule issue or some other issue, those missed sessions were few and far between. Lets face it, no matter how well you plan, someting, at some point, is going to get in your way...hopefully not often.

I feel prepared. 
The training for this half marathon started on October 6, 2014, after completing the Autumn Classic Duathlon. Up  till then, I'd been training for running distances of 3.1 -5 miles. In fact, I've never run anything more than six miles in my life. Using what I've learned from 2014 Tri Training activities, I made my own plan to get ready. My homemade plan is build around a four-day traiining week (I typically dont train after working a 12 hour shift). I wanted to stay safe and push my limits at the same time - so I increased miles fairly quickly. Within three weeks I ran the first of four scheduled 13.1 training sessions. I also stayed outside in all weather - the good and the bad. You can see the changing conditions in the Training Video Blog posts. I have to admit that I was actually afraid of running on a treadmill after running outside all year. So, I stayed outside, ran all the sessions I could in bad weather knowing that the Winter Warrior could be held on a day with cold/snow or mild/sun. Rochester is like that. It could go eiter way. The miles are there. The quality is there. Having run 13.1 in training four times (in a cold, wind-driven rain, in a flufffly, happy snow, on icy road, and facing nasty cold/wind chills below zero) I think I'm as prepared as one could be. 

I feel accomplished. 
I have to keep reminding myself that regular running (outside) didn't start until March of 2014. Prior to that I hadn't run outside in ten years. Now I'm just gettiing warmed up between 4 and 6 miles. My body composition has changed, too. Although not as lean as I'd like to be, I've maintained a 55 ound weight loss. 

Up next: What do I expect on race day?

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