Countdown: 14 Weeks

14 Weeks until the Flower City Half Marathon and River Challenge Duathlon

The Winter Warrior is behind me and its time for a fresh training cycle to begin. I'm looking forward to getting onto the bike for the first time in quite a while - even if its the trainer.

I took a couple of days off after the Winter Warrior to recover, then started a taper up week (last week). During that time I reviewed my goals, did a lot of self care and active rest. Basically, a couple of easy runs and a good swim workout is all I did last week. The longest run of last week was 5.6 miles - noteworthy only because of the residual calf and hip pain that followed. I'm not sure if the pain is from running in the snow and ice, need for new shoes, or leftover strain from the WW1/2. I still think that race took a lot out of me and I'm still feeling the effects.

Got on the bike trainer today at LA and thought I was going to die. Three miles into this 10 mile session my legs were killing me, bring quads. I felt out of shape - had to remind myself that I'd let bike training go since October '14 and shouldn't expect too much now. Total: 10 miles on the trainer 22:17 - an eternity. Bike training was followed by some light cross training (bodyweight work) - I'll be working more core training into this cycle.

My races and goals are now posted on their own pages - see 2015 Events  and 2015 Goals.

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