Training video/blog for 12/15/14

Training video/blog - getting ready for the Winter Warrior 1/2 Marathon.
I get such great ideas while running only to forget them about two minutes after I get done. Maybe a post-training video will help capture those great ideas...

Todays run (12/15/14) was a 5.5 mile route along West Ridge Road in Greece, NY. Temperature in the mid-thirties, foggy, overcast. The first mile sucked - ususally does - but the remaining miles were fine. I was able to keep the pace as planned and was feeling good enough to keep going at the end of the run. I'd run my third 13.1 mile training run two days ago and had a good recovery swim workout yesterday. One more 13.1 training sessin is planned in another week or so in final preparation for the Winter Warrior 1/2 Marathon on January 10, 2015.

This weekend is the Reindeer Run in Rochester, NY. My oldest daughter, Samantha, is turning 24 this week and will be running with me in her first 5K along with Ricky and Jyl.

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