Training Video Blog December 27, 2014

Training plan for today was a 1600 m swim and some easy spinning - basically a recovery day from the 13.1 mile run yesterday. The weather didn't cooperate. Not in the way you might was too nice (fantastic, actually) to NOT be outside. Our weather has been remarkable to sun and mild temps the last few days. Today was sunny and 54 degrees. How do you deny yourself an easy run in the December sun?

You don't.

There is, of course the risk of injury after running 13.1 miles yesterday. Its a calculated risk I'll take. Look at it this way - if the training plan had called for me to run today and weather was snowy, icy, and cold (as it is around here until May) I would have taken the calculated risk and run. I would dress appropriately, kept my mind on good footing, watched for ice, made sure I was visible to traffic - and just taken it easy.

Thats what I did today only in reverse! I dressed for the unusually warm temps, hydrated well and ran easy. I simply enjoyed a warm early winter day. I also factored in that I'll have a few days coming up that I won't be able to run due to work and travel for the holiday.

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