I hate having a day off when...

A day off usually implies the ability to get something done. To do something, even if that something is nothing. A day off should give you the ability to be doing what you want to be. That wasn't the case today and I have no idea how (or why). 

I've been on a good roll with my training having run 13.1 just last Friday and a nice 5.5 run yesterday. My legs are feeling great, too. I'd been looking forward to another good run and maybe a yoga class today. It didn't happen. 

Looking back on the day it's impossible to see where anything could have been cut out or done differently in order to make room for my training. I took care of MB, helped around the house, and even got my blood work drawn - after fasting for the last 12 hours. Yes, that fasting thing is why I didn't run this morning, but that isn't an answer for the rest of the day. 

I hate having a day off and not knowing where it has gone...I only know its over. Isn't that life? I should've been out there running today...

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