Training Video Blog Dcember 31, 2014

From Providence Rhode Island - The last run of 2014! That's it for this year of training and it's been a great year. It's hard to imagine that actual running outside didn't start on a regular basis until spring of 2014. Numerous 5K's, two triathlons (one in my hometown), and one duathlon behind me for the year or so of training. No injuries.

Moving into 2015 my sights are set on successful half marathon training and another round of multisport challenges.

I'll do it...Because I Can.


Training Video Blog December 27, 2014

Training plan for today was a 1600 m swim and some easy spinning - basically a recovery day from the 13.1 mile run yesterday. The weather didn't cooperate. Not in the way you might was too nice (fantastic, actually) to NOT be outside. Our weather has been remarkable to sun and mild temps the last few days. Today was sunny and 54 degrees. How do you deny yourself an easy run in the December sun?

You don't.

There is, of course the risk of injury after running 13.1 miles yesterday. Its a calculated risk I'll take. Look at it this way - if the training plan had called for me to run today and weather was snowy, icy, and cold (as it is around here until May) I would have taken the calculated risk and run. I would dress appropriately, kept my mind on good footing, watched for ice, made sure I was visible to traffic - and just taken it easy.

Thats what I did today only in reverse! I dressed for the unusually warm temps, hydrated well and ran easy. I simply enjoyed a warm early winter day. I also factored in that I'll have a few days coming up that I won't be able to run due to work and travel for the holiday.

For the Tri Newbie who has nothing

Can't wait to get my swim on! Santa brought a new wetsuit - Xtera Vortex 4...and it fits. My first suit (a X-large) fit everywhere but the chest. It was too tight and made it difficult to breath when I got in the water. The new suit is a XXL and should be just fine. Now all I have to do is wait for May...or maybe get into some open water. Perhaps I should just go south or travel to Hawaii for a while...

Training Video Blog 12.26.14

Last 13.1 mile training run before the Winter Warrior!

Today was my fourth and final 13.1 mile training run of this cycle. It also marks a major accomplishment...being able to run 13.1 miles and feeling prepared for my first 1/2 Marathon.

The Winter Warrior 1/2 is scheduled for January 10, 2015. The WW1/2 is also the first segment of the Four Seasons Challenge - a series of four 1/2 marathons in the Rochester area, as the name implies, one for each season.

I started training for this on October, 6 - after the Autumn Classic Duathlon - until then 6 miles was my longest run...ever. Keeping in  mind the lessons learned from my first year of triathlon training, I've been able to extend myself, train hard and safe. Today, having completed four 1/2 marathon training runs, I feel accomplished and ready for the real test on January 10, 2015.


Training Video Blog December 23, 2014

A quick 5K workout today at just about race pace. Did a few intervals. Temperature unusually warm for a December day in Rochester, NY. About 44 degrees.

Feeling good and almost ready for the Winter Warrior coming up in January 2015!

My Year in Running

2014 is the first time in over 20 years I've done any running. I was inspired to start training in the summer of 2013 by the crazy desire to complete a triathlon and stay out of the casket a while longer.

Now, having lost 55 lbs, I'm enjoying running and multi sport events.

My kids have run several races with me, too.2014 is the first time in over 20 years I've done any running. I was inspired to start training in the summer of 2013. Now, having lost 55 lbs, I'm enjoying running and multi sport events.


Training Video Blog for December 22, 2014

A seven miler on an unbelievable winter day! The sun is actually shinning with temperatures in the upper 30's  - not the usual cold, dark afternoon. Inspired today. Spent a lot of time on this run enjoying the weather, feeling good about my 5K time from Saturday's Reindeer Run ( a PR of 28:25) and thinking about the Winter Warrior 1/2 coming up as part of the Four Seasons Challenge.

Also thinking about a half Ironman in June...but that's another story.


Rochester Reindeer Run 2014

Our family event - the Reindeer Run, 2014. This 5K marks the end of our first year running local 5K's . We've also done a couple of sprint distance triathlons and one duathlon. The Reindeer Run was also my oldest daughter's first time doing a 5K.

We all ran well today in the twenty degree temperatures. The course was a fantastic tour of Downtown Rochester as we ran through the Corn Hill section and across Ford Street to South Ave.

It's a great finish to the year when you can run a fun race with your kids and get a PR in the process.

A special thank you to the folks at Fleet Feet Rochester and Yellow Jacket Racing for their work and support of the running community in our area.


Training Video Blog for 12/17/14

Today was my last run before the Reindeer Run scheduled for December 20. Training plan continues to go well - integrating triathlon with 1/2 marathon cross training. Still holding on to four training days/week with two of those days as double session days.

The Reindeer Run is the last run of 2014. Three of my kids will be running with me along with about 1500 of our closest friends. I'm gunning for my best time of the year in this 5K - best time so far was in the Pumpkins in the Park race - 29:44.


I hate having a day off when...

A day off usually implies the ability to get something done. To do something, even if that something is nothing. A day off should give you the ability to be doing what you want to be. That wasn't the case today and I have no idea how (or why). 

I've been on a good roll with my training having run 13.1 just last Friday and a nice 5.5 run yesterday. My legs are feeling great, too. I'd been looking forward to another good run and maybe a yoga class today. It didn't happen. 

Looking back on the day it's impossible to see where anything could have been cut out or done differently in order to make room for my training. I took care of MB, helped around the house, and even got my blood work drawn - after fasting for the last 12 hours. Yes, that fasting thing is why I didn't run this morning, but that isn't an answer for the rest of the day. 

I hate having a day off and not knowing where it has gone...I only know its over. Isn't that life? I should've been out there running today...

Close Your Pie Hole

This billboard rests atop of the building that is home to the Bug Jar. I think its at the corner of Monroe and Pearl Street in the City of Rochester. I've never heard of PIEHOLE whiskey and not sure I'd ever drink it...or want to try. 


Training video/blog for 12/15/14

Training video/blog - getting ready for the Winter Warrior 1/2 Marathon.
I get such great ideas while running only to forget them about two minutes after I get done. Maybe a post-training video will help capture those great ideas...

Todays run (12/15/14) was a 5.5 mile route along West Ridge Road in Greece, NY. Temperature in the mid-thirties, foggy, overcast. The first mile sucked - ususally does - but the remaining miles were fine. I was able to keep the pace as planned and was feeling good enough to keep going at the end of the run. I'd run my third 13.1 mile training run two days ago and had a good recovery swim workout yesterday. One more 13.1 training sessin is planned in another week or so in final preparation for the Winter Warrior 1/2 Marathon on January 10, 2015.

This weekend is the Reindeer Run in Rochester, NY. My oldest daughter, Samantha, is turning 24 this week and will be running with me in her first 5K along with Ricky and Jyl.