My Run for November 28

Trailside Selfie
Running outside has become a habit this summer but it hasn't always been that way. Until this Spring I'd been running only indoors on a treadmill. My weight, I felt, was always too heavy to risk injury by putting the miles on the road. That's what I'd tell people anyway. That's the official reason. The real reason I lingered on the treadmill so long is a much deeper subject. Lets just say that sometime around April, 2014 (after 8 months of training and a forty lb weight loss) I decided it was time to run outside. If I were to be successful with my goal of running two sprint-distance triathlons in the summer of 2014 I would need to get right with the road. And I did. I ran, and ran well, all summer. 
Now I have a new problem - cold. Not so much cold but cold and wind. The combination is beating me up. Despite the lack of winter running gear, I'm fighting to stay outside. Not so much because of my mental toughness, but out of a strenuous desire not to return to the treadmill. 
Today was a great six mile run in the Canal Ponds Park. The temperature is 28 degrees F with winds of 10 mph. Not bad overall, but brutal when running in the open areas. I'm wearing all recycled gear (except for my new Saucony Ride 7's) that includes a long sleeve 1/4 zip polypro shirt, a tech shirt over that, then an old full zip up fleece (complete with burn holes from years of camping). On the bottom we have a pair of lycra pants (20+ years old) and wind pants. A pair of army surplus wool gloves, an old hat, and sunglasses. 

Cold but good for the mind and body

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