Duathlon Day

Duathlon Day
I entered the Rochester Autumn Classic Duathlon on a whim. I found myself enjoying the feeling of a completed challenge that came with completing the Shoreline Triathlon in July and Rochester Triathlon in August and wanted to see what else is out there. A duathlon sounded like a good thing to try. Why not? It's a multi-sport event, a challenging distance, and was scheduled far enough into the season change to keep me training. It's the stuff a good goal is made of. Having completed two triathlons certainly changed my perceptions of my capabilities as well.  

I convinced Jyl to run the Youth Tri back in June and much to my surprise, was able to talk Ricky into doing this 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run duathlon with me. Two of my kids testing their skills in multi-sport events...excellent. 

Ricky and I set out the morning of October 5 for Mendon Ponds Park. A cool Fall weather pattern had moved in over the last twenty-four hours bringing a cool dampness to race day. There weren't many cars in the parking lot when we arrived at 7am. I'd heard that the event wasn't well attended last year and participation might be down. No matter, I was there to run with my son and, like with the triathlons, simply to finish. Sure, I would like to NOT be last and place respectably in my age group. 

My son, who reluctantly got out of bed that morning, actually seemed a bit nervous when setting up the transition area. Here he'd experience going from run to bike and back to run. He hasn't done any training along these lines and I think going from bike to run was going to be an adventure for him. He's in good shape and runs well on his cross country team, but has done very little biking and no bike-run combo workouts.   

Ricky finished first in his age group and received a nice glass trophy. I'm so happy with him at this point. He is well rounded; good academically and athletically. We have the relationship I never had with  my father. 

As for my part, I'm in about the best shape I could be in. I've had a good year so far; three 5K's, two triathlons, and now, a duathlon. Next is a series of 5K's through the next few months. Pumpkins in the Park, Turkey Trot, Reindeer Run. those take us through December. January? How about the Winter Warier Half Marathon?

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