Race Review: My First Triathlon - Shoreline Multisports Festival

Today I finished my first triathlon. The Shoreline Multi-Sports Festival included a 5K, a duathlon, and the sprint distance tri. Its a cool coincidence that this, my first tri, would be held in my hometown  of Hamlin, NY.  This sprint distance triathlon consisted of a 0.5 mi swim, 15.7 mi bike and 5K run.  I finished 96 of 104 with a time of 2:17:24. The important thing is that I did finish and loved it!

This is the view from the transition area looking at the swim start. Lake Ontario, notorious for difficult water, was calm and smooth.

Getting out of the water after a brief warm-up. This would be my first time swimming in open water. If only I could've remembered what I learned in training! Getting mixed up in the pack of swimmers got me kicked a few times and made the swim a lot harder than it needed to be.

Coming up the ramp towards transition area. Grateful to be on land and able to breathe!

In transition area (T1) from swim to run...was having a hard time tying my shoes at this point. I'd decided to leave my spare running shoes (normally used to bike) in the car to save time. Bad decision. What became my only pair of shoes were soaked by the end of the 15.7 mile bike.

Back in the transition area for T2. Being familiar with all the roads was a blessing and curse. Although I know exactly where I was and how far I had to go, the familiar surroundings lulled me into thinking this was a training ride. I simply biked too slow. 

Exiting T2 and starting the four-mile some very wet shoes.

A good run. I never felt stressed on the run. My legs gave their typical rebellion of pain and tightness going from bike to run, but after the first mile had softened. 

I used to volunteer with Hamlin Ambulance...

At the finish line
Joanne and kids at the finish line

With my sister, Kris

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