Why not?

Why didn't I do that?

I hate asking myself that question. It pangs of a failure, a missed opertunity, a poor decision.

Far worse than asking yourself why you did something.

Lets let it go at that.


Detours and New Turns

Turning around to get where you're going

This isn't the opening piece I'd planned on for this new blog. Yes, this  is a new writing adventure and no one knows or can predict where it will go but we're off!

The piece prepared for this opening was to introduce the thoughts and conventions and issues I'd be writing about. That will have to wait. You see, I took a detour this morning and made a right turn smack into inspiration.

Traffic was bumper to bumper as is typical for a highway morning. A plodding stream of stop and go, exhaust from tailpipes resembled chimneys from moving houses. Drivers exercising a bit more caution in hours following our first snow of the season made the morning commute seem much more tense than it needed to be.  I noticed more than a few white knuckles gripping wheels at ten and two. The drive time morning show predicted the end of the world in the form of another six inches of snow. I'm thinking "a whole six inches...so what?"

Its time to get off this thing with all these people and fingernails dug into steering wheels.

Taking the next exit put me in the middle of a historic neighborhood of quiet streets, gothic architecture, Christmas lights, and a thought...

I knew where I wanted to be, where I had to be, but wasn't sure how these back roads were going to get me there. The roads are not familiar but I know what direction to head in. Each turn, each new back road a fresh set of memories but still pointing toward the goal. It didn't matter what route I was traveling, I just enjoyed the view and the pace. The rooflines, the decorations, the fresh snow. The few puffs from real chimneys put the hint of woodsmoke in the air and the mental visual of my favorite campfire. Instant relaxation.

With a few neurons open and synapses refreshed, the theater of my mind started to clear. Does it really matter what road you're on? You know the direction. The highway would be the fastest, most direct route under normal circumstances. Today isn't normal. Its crowded, noisy, busy and slow. You're not getting anywhere and you're not enjoying the trip. My detour and right turn took a slower route. A more peaceful, pleasant route. The unplanned side street trip changed the pace. It changed the scenery. Make no mistake, I was still on course, going to the original destination, but on a far more enjoyable lane.

And there's the lesson, the metaphor.

Off the highway with its crowds and onto the less traveled side streets. The awareness of time puts on that highway - fastest route from A to B - with a lot of waiting in a noisy crowd...not moving. I've been programmed to think that way for a long, long time - direct route, get there fast. Today I noticed that schema of thought might just be holding me back, keeping me from taking that much needed detour.

The neurons are working. Synapses are firing.

Doors will open and I'll walk through them...just a bit slower.

Welcome to Schema of Thought

The First Snow of the Season

A remarkable time of change

First snow on Harvest Drive
The time of our first snow is always something special. That fresh dusting of large flakes lets everyone know the inevitable is here. Winter is coming to Rochester. There is a freshness and renewal that occurs as we're blanketed.